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Massage Therapist & Brand Ambassador

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Kendra Henderson is a 15 year bodywork veteran and has studied with some of the world’s most renowned instructors from Marko Yrjovuori (Lakers & Kings sports therapist), John F. Barnes (Creator and Master of Myofascial Release), and Carrie Rowe (belly dancer & Lomi Lomi instructor from Hawaii).

She has specialty designer and exclusive equipment for the mobile massage industry including a custom desktop head rest for corporate massage and black satin table top chair massage carts so your event has the finishing touch!

Kendra is a member and Eco-Luxury Standards Developer of LA Body Points a Professional Development Platform for the Healing Arts Industry. At the Academy, Kendra teaches all massage therapists the Reinforced Thumbtool Technique for optimal chair massage with no dangerous elbows. It is both a technically specific body tool and maximizes the capacity for strength in the service because it utilizes the body’s weight.






Our individual headsets with iPod music selection provides customized ambience to each recipient.

Organic Sanitizer

Our specialty sanitizing spray made from organic essential oils gives us clean hands & equipment.

Magic Massage Cloth

Our massage therapists sport the Magic! The Magic massage cloth is a luxury silk cloth that protects the recipient’s garments and our touch provider’s hands from fabric friction while giving an exceptional feel good experience!

Our experienced LABP Certified Providers are Academy Members of LA Body Points and learn the following best practices to better serve your event in:


Communication Skills & Brand Representation

Communication Skills & Personal Presentation are important, especially during our service representing you. We work with our lovely ladies to have the perfect combination of natural beauty and glamor. We show them how to greet your recipients to make them feel comfortable, especially if we are asking for them to donate to your fundraiser. We cover positive, non-verbal body language while providing the service so attendees are eagerly awaiting their turn.
We consider our LABP Certified Providers an extension of you and your company when we are serving on site and we want to make sure we represent you the way you appreciate being represented!

Thumbtool Technique

Our LABP Certified Providers undergo technical training in Thumbtool Technique and the difference is felt in the quality of their massage experience! This is important so that your chair recipients are receiving safe bodywork without dangerous elbows. Our Technique is both a specific body tool able to effectively work around bony regions AND it maximizes the capacity for strength during the seated service because it utilizes the body’s weight.

Eco-Luxury Equipment Use

Our specialty and designer equipment is perfect for your event and we ensure our LABP Certified Providers work the right way utilizing the right tools so you receive the benefits!

LABP Certified Experienced Providers

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