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All-In-One Massage Therapist Brand Ambassador:

On Camera (Background):
Additional $100
On Camera Foreground Presenter:
1st Hour:
$150/On Location Chair Massage; Table Top and Special Request pricing may vary
2 Plus Hours:
2-5 Hours:
Discounted Bulk Hour Pricing is available, please contact our office for this offering.
Brand Ambassadors:
$75/Hour $500/Day
$75/Hour $500/Day and Up
Style Options:
Complimentary Bow Ties, Brand Wear
Custom Pricing May Be Applicable to Thematic Dress
Photo Kiosk:
$2000/1st Day Rental Plus Custom Fees for Features
(Includes Photographer)
Volume Pricing for Multiple Days
Customized Skin:
Facebook & Twitter:
$450 for length of event
Lead Capturing:
$750 Barcode Scanner & Database
Text Scheduler:
$200 Set Up
$50 Rental for Tablet and Stand Per Day
$50 Rentals per day
Foot Vibrators:
$50 Rentals per day
3d Glasses:
$50 Rentals per day