Lead Capturing

Your Trade Show booth can easily get lost in the crowd. With our Brand Ambassadors massaging attendees, everyone will be attracted to what you have to offer!

Brand Ambassador

Event Greeter

Our smiling and positive Event Greeters help your attendees receive an optimal experience their entire process from checking in, scheduling their massage, and delivering your brand’s message

Barcode Scanner

Give your guests a better brand experience when you use scanner technology at your event. Simply scan guests’ event badges and their information is automatically populated for them into the user interface of the tablet, which means less waiting time to retrieve images.


User Metrics

Plus, you can capture and store important consumer information about your guests in an online database for future use.

Text Scheduler

Have attendees schedule their marketing experience from a laptop while they receive a 1 minute vibrating foot massage or on a check in station.


HD Brand Delivery

Our High Definition Glasses plug into our visual devices and support delivering your brand’s message while your attendees put their feet up and relax or delight in their shoulder massage. This positive “Feel Good” experience is then solidified in their mind with your brand’s message and you will have officially “Stole the Show”!

Text Scheduler
Basic RGB
20 Massage Event Pros for a single day to treat convention attendees.
3 day Trade Show with a single Massage Event Pro in VIP room for Guest Puff Daddy and other VIP
360 Destination Group
2 day Trade Show with 2 Massage Event Pros providing attendees 70’s thematic treatments