Branded Photo Kiosk

Our portable and easy-to-use Keshot kiosk is custom-designed with your event theme and company image for seamless integration.

Photo Kiosk Custom Wrap


Customize your photo kiosk to highlight your event's theme and branding

Paparazzi Photographers

Our Paparazzi Photographers network the venue while their professional Bluetooth Cameras automatically send photos back to the kiosk bringing your event center stage!


Instant Social Media

Our Paparazzi Photographers take dynamic photos of event attendees which are directly posted to your brands social media and accessed by the recipient to share and email on the spot!

Instant Social Media
Instant Social Media

Unleash A Viral Social Campaign

Our photo kiosk can help you to spread the word, not only about your brand and online presence, but also your latest products and services. Website links, social media share buttons, and commercials can all be included on your photo booth's landing page postcard. Guests can also be asked to "Like" your Facebook page to retrieve their images and to tag themselves and their friends. And our photo branding campaign is a fraction of the cost of a major social campaign.

Product Branding

Branding at your event with our Massage Pros using your product or promoting your message is the perfect introduction to your brand! We can facilitate a massage while marketing your message before, during or at an after party to the event.


Therapearl cold packs applied during massage to NFL players by our Event Pros while discussing the various uses of the product.