Finishing Touches

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Setting up an event requires being really conscientious of the aesthetic qualities of the environment.

One finishing touch we offer is draping the clutter in the surrounding area.

See our floral drape over the bottles and excess equipment at this pool house party? This finishing touch is always appreciated.


Celebrity Birthday Party Massage Set Up

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Setting Up and ready to go for Celebrity Birthday PARTY!

Photobooth, 2 Tabletop Chairs and 1 Table in Den ready to be hands on all night.

The vibe is super cool and the pool is warm!

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

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Why Pisces Pro Massage Chairs

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Pisces Pro Massage Chairs are uniquely made for an optimal chair massage experience.

Unlike other massage chairs that lean the recipient forward 45 degrees, Pisces Pro has a torso curve that adjusts the user to their body type and provides the ability to lean forward 90 degrees.

A 90 degree incline is a flat back, table top style on the chair. No other chairs on the market offer this user position.

Not every massage therapist we work with operates with this type of chair. They are the most expensive chairs on the market (~$700). But we do look for people with them.

We can usually support at least one station at an event with this unique tabletop style advantage.


Outdoor Massage Chair Feet

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Providing outdoor #ChairMassage can easily make the feet of your chair dirty or fill the wheels with mud.

Preventative measures are best taken with these Harley Davidson kickstand plates.

They have the perfect sized slot the chair legs fit in. They make sure your equipment remains clean and your recipient isn’t sinking in the ground while sitting.

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25 January, 2016 21:21

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Thematic Tradeshow? We love providing thematic chair massage for your fun event!